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With more than 30 years of experience and more than 10,000 wells built, we solve complex well construction projects dynamically, innovatively and with state-of-the-art technology, even in difficult geological conditions. Our professional team consisting of engineers and well builders, always impresses with reliable well construction craftsmanship.

We build wells and well systems for municipal water supply, for mineral water producers and for commercial use. Individual customer requirements always come first. Whether well drilling for groundwater development, test drilling for water extraction or geothermal drilling, we work with our customers to choose the most economical drilling method.


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State-of-the-art drilling technology allows diameters of up to 2m and depths of up to 600m in loose and solid rock


In the course of time, a well system may age due to rocking, siltation, corrosion or other deposits. The well regeneration serves to restore the original water flow.

With the help of proven and innovative technologies, such as high-performance sand removal (HLE) by means of a double piston chamber (SDKK® / DKSK®) or three piston chamber “TriKK®” or by means of our hypop® impulse technology, we offer a wide range of regeneration processes. Should a well regeneration come too late, we also offer well renovations or new well construction and well dismantling.

Our services:

  • Well analysis, assessment and recommendation of measures
  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Gentle hydro-mechanical regeneration with HLE and impulse-technology
  • chemical regeneration
  • Service and maintenance

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What happens if the well cannot be restored?

If a well can no longer be rehabilitated or is no longer used, it must be dismantled in order to avoid potential negative effects on groundwater. In accordance with the DVGW-Merkblatt W135, the decommissioning method must be selected and the wells and measuring points must be properly sealed. These activities can only be carried out by professionals. We are also happy to assist you in the dismantling of the wells.


Restoration of the original
Well extraction capacity

In the case of a refurbishment, the water flow of the existing well is improved or restored by structural measures. Water permitting procedures remain unaffected, as the original location remains unchanged.

A well remediation is necessary if the stability of the piping is endangered or if the well performance is reduced due to the failure of iron hydroxides and manganese (IV) oxides (cocking). In the event of irreversible damage, we also offer new well construction and well dismantling.

Our services:

  • Well analysis, assessment and recommendation of measures
  • Renovation of well structures by drilling over the old well
  • Sealing of solid well pipe joints
  • Renovation or new construction of final buildings
  • Dipping of sink shafts to protect against undesirable water ingress
  • Cleaning of the well filters of anchorages
  • Installation of GRP-inliners and inner tube sleeves
  • Subsequent sealing of ring spaces
  • Service and maintenance

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Efficient drinking, mineral and Utility water production matching for your project

Our professional well construction teams are able to cover a very wide range of water well drilling applications with their equipment. Because the right design is crucial for optimal conveyance results and satisfied customers. With their special equipment, our experts can achieve a drilling diameter of up to 2,000 millimeters and drilling depths of up to 600 meters.

The borehole diameter drilled and the methodology used depend on local soil conditions and water harvesting requirements. This is why every well construction project starts with an analysis in which the key data regarding the location, geology and hydrology are collected and evaluated in detail. Soil samples are taken by means of digging holes, which provide information on the structure of the water-bearing soil layers to the planned well site.

Our Services:

  • Site analysis and preparation of the well construction concept
  • Exploratory drilling for water extraction
  • Installation of groundwater measuring stations
  • Well drilling for groundwater development
  • Manufacture of drinking and mineral water fountains
  • Construction of service water wells
  • Construction of permanent wells for flood protection
  • Construction of geothermal wells
  • Construction of extinguishing water wells
  • Irrigation wells for the agricultural industry
  • Power pump tests
  • Innovative high-performance sand removal for well activation




Our service range includes different drilling methods that are used to suit the well construction project.

Our services:

  • large-calibre, piped gripper holes
  • Suction holes up to drilling stages
  • Air lifting holes in loose and solid rock
  • small-calibre dry boreholes
  • In-hole hammer drilling
  • Ramp core drilling with overflow drilling technology in loose rock
  • Cable core drilling in solid rock
  • direct flushing holes

In addition to receiving the necessary equipment for the well, terminal structures prevent surface water, for example, from entering the well and contaminating the groundwater. Depending on the type of well, we offer different options.

Our services:

  • Reinforced concrete shafts
  • Reinforced concrete room cells with thermal insulation plaster
  • insulated polyester housing or steel sheet containers
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Formats and Armaturen
  • Conveying equipment and control technology

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Water Treatment

If wells are to collect and discharge contamination trails or if the use of infiltration wells to collect contaminated water is required, our team from environmental technology is called in. Here you will receive sound advice and planning for scalable water treatment solutions suitable for your project.

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If protection wells are to protect against rising groundwater, it is important to connect the water level levels to remote monitoring by means of groundwater data collectors. Also for the observation of long-term pump tests a completely digital data acquisition of pump volume, weather data, water levels and water properties such as temperature and conductivity is required. Our in-house EMSR team ensures the right technology.

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