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Water is our passion. Respect for this vital resource is a matter of principle for us. With the latest technology and environmentally friendly technologies as well as enthusiastic employees, we make every construction project possible.

We draw our strength from the living values of a family-run company. Independence, proximity and down-to-earthness ensure sustainable success across generations.

Together we can make it work!

"Working With Each Other and For Each Other" - Teamwork @ Hölscher

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Everyone knows his role in the team, is able to make independent decisions and take on responsibility – towards himself, other teammates and the company. We promote transparency by means of active dialogue, even in difficult situations. 



Loyalty and sincerity towards oneself and the team are the keyfigures for honest teamwork. Transparent communication and targeted feedback based on honest assessments are a matter of principle for us and are formulated appropriately.  
We do not talk about each other, but with each other.



Our personal commitment to performance reflects our demand for the highest quality. Achieving set goals increases team performance as well as overall team satisfaction. Each of us contribute to the appreciation of performance through words of recognition.


Respectful and polite behaviour with each other is characterized by appreciative communication. We show this by being interested in opinions and open to personal actions of our colleagues. We treat each other with respect, regardless of position, age or gender.



We trust each other and know we can rely on each other. We stand up for our actions and demonstrate this through open communication with each other. 



Adherence to deadlines and agreements as well as conscientious working methods are binding components of functioning teamwork. We are attentive partners in discussion, open to presenting not only our strengths but also our weaknesses and actively contribute to the team.



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Headquaters Haren (Ems)

Hinterm Busch 23
49733 Haren
Tel.: +49 5934 707-0
Email: info@hoelscher-wasserbau.de


Hinterm Busch 23
49733 Haren
Tel.: +49 5934 707-22
Email: haren@hoelscher-wasserbau.de


Im Gewerbepark 8
26446 Friedeburg/ Marx
Tel.: "+49 5934 707-00

Contact person:
Holger Franz


Lindberghstr. 4
29693 Hodenhagen
Tel.: +49 5164 98 68 300
Email: hodenhagen@hoelscher-wasserbau.de


25479 Ellerau
Contact person:
Burkard Lenze


Kallenbergstraße 24
45141 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 83 116-00
Email: essen@hoelscher-wasserbau.de

Dieselstr. 31
60314 Frankfurt


Industriestraße 22
76470 Ötigheim
Tel.: +49 722 21 04 67 900


Am Schlossgarten 26 (S 21)
70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 711 99 59 971-0

Contact person:
Dirk Scharenberg


Robert-Koch-Straße 9
85301 Schweitenkirchen
Tel.: +49 8444 92195-0
Email: muenchen@hoelscher-wasserbau.de

Contact person:
Dr. Christoph Beck


Petzower Straße 4
Contact person:
René von Garrel

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Hinterm Busch 23
49733 Haren (Ems)
+49 (0) 5934-707-0