Hölscher Wasserbau receives the certificate "climate conscious company)"

As one of five companies Hölscher Wasserbau received the certificate "Klimabewusstes Unternehmen “(climate conscious company) by the Energy Efficiency Agency Emsland e.V. The Agency rewarded in this way a number of measures in recent weeks and months in our company.

"The issue of energy is not new to us and firmly anchored in our mission for years," says operating manager Dieter Tholen, "Again we strengthened our efforts."

“First of all we made an analysis of the current situation in the company and localized energy waster”, says energy advisor and trained “Klimalotse” Kevin Janzen who realized already many measures in the company, "I was surprised how much energy a company needs."
As examples for optimization the energy consumption K. Janzen leads e.g. hot water collectors on the heating, speed limiter at the car pool and the currently occurring conversion to LED lighting. In search of optimization measures, the two leaders are profiting by improvement suggestions that have been filed by employees and delivered first solution approaches.
"The best measures are ineffective if not all employees play a part," said D. Tholen. "If each one pays a little attention to his behavior, we are headed in the right direction." In order to raise the employees awareness to the issue of energy, Hölscher Wasserbau performed an "energy day" last year.

The Energy Efficiency Agency produced an information sheet from Hölscher Wasserbau, where is reported about each energy-saving measure and which should confident other companies of similar actions. In addition the NOZ reported on the award.