Since the company's founding in 1959, our ongoing specialization in the area of Dewatering and continuous technological developments in the areas of Well drilling, Water Treatment and Groundwater Management have provided us outstanding resources and successful positioning in the marketplace.

At Hoelscher Wasserbau, we welcome the challenges presented by customers' complex problems. Our team of over 450 highly qualified experts are at your disposal, providing

    • custom-engineered,
    • innovative,
    • practice-oriented and
    • cost-effective solutions,

designed with a “customer-first” approach.

Our modern machinery line-up and fleet of vehicles, serviced in our well-equipped mechanical shop, ensure reliable execution of services. We demonstrate our expertise and capabilities on over 800 construction sites each year.

Our corporate philosophy dictates that people are at the centre of everything we do. This holds true not only for our customers but for all employees as well. In addition protection of our environment and sustainability are important factors in our corporate culture.

These are principles that we live by daily in our dealings with employees and customers alike.

The enthusiastic feedback we receive regularly from customers drives us onward in development and optimization of the services we provide.