Hölscher Wasserbau receives certificate „TOP-Ausbildungsbetrieb“ (Top-training company)

As one of the first businesses in the area and region Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim, Hölscher Wasserbau was awarded by the chamber of commerce as “TOP-Ausbildungsbetrieb”. Thereby the chamber of commerce recognized the efforts in the recent years in the field of training in the company. For Hölscher Wasserbau the quality of education is the chance to continue meeting the requirements as a premium supplier.

„In the training of our young skilled workers we invest not only materially, but also care, creativity and passion. We are pleased that our efforts are recognized with the certificate “TOP-Ausbildungsbetrieb” by the chamber of commerce now.
(Maria Borgmann, CEO)

That certificate is not the first evidence of high-quality training at Hölscher Wasserbau: In 2014 Kevin Janzen reached the fourth place as electronics engineer of energy and building technology nationwide, after he was victorious at regional and state level.

The NOZ reported on this event at 14 March 2016.