Supplier Award: RWE Power has bestowed award on Hölscher Wasserbau

A partnership akin to a marriage

During this year’s RWE supplier days, Hölscher Wasserbau was distinguished as a “TOP-supplier” for “innovation and collaboration”. This honour is only awarded to three of a total of approx. 6,700 suppliers to RWE.

With this award, RWE acknowledges partner companies for outstanding performances. Approx. 140 representatives from around 100 strategic RWE partner companies gathered on 18th September in the Gusdorf Training Centre in Grevenbroich along with approx. 60 RWE employees in order to obtain information on current market developments and to exchange ideas.

In his laudatory speech, Timotheus Rattay, Strategic Purchaser for construction services and recultivation at RWE, praised Hölscher Wasserbau GmbH as an internationally-active company which has consistently proven cooperative and solution-orientated – and this for the last 15 years.
Hölscher Wasserbau Managing Director Heinz Hölscher thanked the company for the award, and pointed out that many of the developments which Hölscher Wasserbau had driven forward related to specific RWE issues had only been possible because RWE had remained at their side as a trustworthy cooperation partner, and had been ready to promoted such innovations. This readiness to support is not a matter of course: “As in a marriage partnership”, said Heinz Hölscher, “the processes between the two partners have established themselves over time and are in the meantime transparent: both partners know what they can and may expect from the other. This fact substantially simplifies our collaboration”.
Hölscher Wasserbau has worked for RWE in the area of the Garzweiler, Hambach and Inden opencast mines since 2002. As the responsible Construction Site Manager, Bernhard Kathmann was able, amongst other things, to use the "hw- backreamer". Using this procedure developed and patented by Hölscher Wasserbau, it is possible to peel off the so-called “filter cake” during flush drilling into fine-grained loose rocks in a defined area of the hole. In addition, GRP collars with drinking water approval are used. This is also an innovation created by Hölscher Wasserbau.
“One particular highlight arising from our collaboration with RWE is the further development of gripper holes through which we are in a position to sink holes down to 100 metres instead of the 30 metres representing the market standard”, says Kathmann. This is a value which probably can’t be matched anywhere else in Europe, and which, without the RWE partnership, might never have been possible.