Harbour Island Offenbach

Project: Groundwater decontamination plant

Client: Stadwerke Offenbach Holding GmbH

Location: Offenbach am Main / Germany

Scope of work:
Well and pipeline construction, supply and installation of two groundwater treatment units with flow rate of 15 m³/h and 5.0 m³/h for removal of BTEX, MTBE, petroleum hydrocarbons and iron. Operation and maintenance of the systems. The main plant consists of an oxidation treatment stage with subsequent flocculation and precipitation via lamella separators, an automatic back-washing gravel filtration bed, two-stage desorption unit with process gas recycling and outlet gas purification and a two-stage activated carbon adsorber. The system is controlled automatically with data recording and remote monitoring capabilities. The entire plant is housed in a modular-design prefab building. The services provided include plant operation and maintenance over a three-year period. The smaller treatment unit (with 5 m³/h capacity) consists of a gravel filtration bed incorporating a downstream activated carbon adsorber. It has the same automation features as the main system and is housed in modular containers.

Contract value: € 700.000